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Featured Spring White Wines

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As the wacky weather in Texas continues to bounce around like crazy, Water 2 Wine Custom Winery persists in our goal to produce top-quality wines that not only match the variety of the Central Texas spring climate, but also to surpass the expectations of world-class wine.

“70 and sunny? I’ll take it.”

“I’ll also take a refreshing and crisp white wine, please.”

Although we all know they can swiftly change on the hour, changing from sunny and clear to rainy and cloudy and then back to warm in the matter of a few minutes, the days ahead of us are shaping up to be a time calling for white wine. White wines are not to be underestimated. They are a curious bunch as they can really explode with surprising flavor and are a marvelous addition to any spring picnic or dinner on the patio.

While our inventory encompasses a variety of whites, today we boast three light and fruity friends:  Yakima Pinot Gris, German Gewurztraminer, and the Spanish Verdejo.

• Our Pinot Gris hails from the Yakima Valley in Washington State. The Yakima Pinot Gris is a delicate and light experience that smells like a picnic and tastes like summer. With a very balanced palate and bouquet it hosts fresh aromas and flavors of ripe honeydew melon and crisp green apple. Our Pinot Gris has a crispness that avoids pretension and a swirling honeyed finish.

The Yakima Pinot Gris pairs well with the following cheeses: Ricotta, Brie (or try a delectable baked brie sensation!), Gruyere (Swiss), Humboldt Fog (US Goat cheese), Robiola due Latti (Italy), and Stracchinos (Italy).

• Secondly, the German Gewurztraminer is a one-of-a-kind varietal born in Mosel Valley, Germany. You’ll breathe in a tangy, fruity and slightly puckering bouquet, and on your lips you’ll savor a flavor that is smooth and luscious. Pairing the Gewurztraminer with seasonal fruits such as grapefruit, oranges and green grapes will accentuate its medium-bodied off-dry experience, with lush aromas of lychee, tropical fruit, rose petals, and spice.

The German Gewurztraminer pairs well with the following cheeses: Gouda, smoked cheeses, nutty cheeses, Asiago, cheddar, and Chevre (fresh goat cheese). It’s best with cheeses that are more mild like soft cow’s milk cheese.

• Our third featured wine this spring is the Spanish Verdejo. The Verdejo comes from the Rueda region in northern Spain, located northwest of Spain’s capital, Madrid. Verdejo can be slightly compared to the French white, Sauvignon Blanc which is a native of the maritime climate of Bordeaux, France. Rueda is strong in character, dry and unveils a crisp acidity. Hidden below the surface are modest nutty and herb flavors.

The Spanish Verdejo pairs well with the following cheeses: Manchego and Ibores are both great Spanish choices to pair with Verdejo. If you prefer non-Spanish, choose a simple and light white cheese such as Brie, Chèvre, Feta or Camembert.

Water 2 Wine invites you to join us five days a week to taste, sip and buy our locally crafted wine with internationally sourced varietals. While I was tasting these three white-graped gems I had a chance to chat with a Water 2 Wine regular customer, Tony. Tony made my day when he shared his gusto for our wines: “They are some of the best wines I’ve had in this state.” Thank you, Tony! That’s what we strive to achieve every day, with every batch and every bottle of wine we produce.

We’re open Tue. & Thu. - Fri. from 12p-8p and Wed. & Sat. from 12p-7p. The Water 2 Wine experience is a very boutique, private and comfortable environment for tasting, sipping and purchasing good quality wines. We’re the perfect spot for purchasing your special occasion wine.

As spring unfolds we invite you to try these three of our favorite white wines.  Maybe pack a picnic and head to the park with the following items:

A few fun notes:

    • What’s that white waxy covering over Brie? It is called Penicillium Camemberti. It is a fungus that is completely harmless and adds to the taste. Not only are you encouraged to eat the white rind of a brie, you are in fact supposed to eat it! :)

    • White wines are best stored at 50° Fahrenheit.


Drinking Spanish Verdejo at Water 2 Wine while in Spain

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